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I found this neat visualization online and thought you all might enjoy it. I did. Something about actually seeing these totals in proportion to each other gives me a better perspective of what we’re spending money on.  You can check out the site here. Don’t forget to look at the color key.

Some random points that jump out at me are:

  • The cost of our wars compared to our defense budget (cringe)
  • Our defense budget compared with other big spenders (double cringe)
  • The amount of money oil and pharmaceuticals bring in
  • The amount of money Walmart brings in (!)
  • The amounts it would take to eradicate aids, save the Amazon rain forest and bring a billion people out of poverty
  • The amount we pay on our debt annually

Pretty cool huh? Check out the site and see lots of other cool visualizations. There’s a drop down where you can pick lots of fun options like wikipedia edit wars, what China censors online, left vs. right and other really neat stuff. Waste some time!


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